Dapper Labs


Staff Site Reliability Engineer

Helping to lead the SRE team to securely scale out our internal Kubernetes platform. Tools used include: Google Cloud Platform, GKE, Terraform, Atlantis, Kubernetes, Grafana, Prometheus, Cloudflare, Kyverno, Redis Enterprise, Postgresql, Confluent Kafka and others.

Pioneered a move to replace GCP Memorystore Redis with Redis Enterprise due to frequent Memorystore failures. Has been running for a year without any issues.

Working with Kyverno to apply consistent Kubernetes policy enforcement across our many clusters.

Working on a Vault POC to help create and manage short lived credentials to combat static credential sprawl.




Principal Member of Technical Staff

Software Engineer

Building a multi-cloud service using Golang microservices in an Event Sourcing system.

This service utilizes Heroku, AWS, GCP, Kafka, Postgresql, Lambda and Terraform to manage, deploy and securely provision cloud resources.

Won a peer nominated, company wide "All Star Award" in 2019.

Lead Member of Technical Staff

DevOps Engineer

Working on the TechOps team to monitor, build and scale the Salesforce IoT cloud.

Building tools, techniques and strategies to help bridge public and private clouds.

Won the "President's Award" for exceptional achievements in 2018.


DatadogHQ Inc.


Lead Site Reliability Engineer

Working on the TechOps team to monitor, build and scale the Datadog SaaS product. Spearheaded and implemented greater use of testing tools for Chef cookbooks and recipes. Refactored existing Chef code to help to modularize the codebase. Created cookbooks to introduce new tools such as Consul and Packer.

Introduced Consul as a cluster wide Key/Value store and Service Discovery platform. Prototyped, packaged and installed multiple tools around Consul to provide for all the required uses.

Introduced Docker to provide services in a private mini-PaaS. Utilized my octohost project which controls our build and provides "chat ops" capabilities. Am hoping to roll out further container based infrastructure as the tooling matures and it makes sense for our needs.

Worked within Amazon's AWS cloud services tools to roll out new services and nodes. Worked to make as many services as possible stateless and easily replaced. Examined how to utilize ELB auto-registration and Auto Scaling Groups to be more elastic and responsive inside our current Chef and Packer based infrastructure.

Presented internal and external talks based on technologies and techniques used at Datadog.

Current Focus: Working with Consul to develop new techniques and capabilities around service discovery and configuration deployment.


nonfiction studios inc.


Built nonfiction into a multi-million dollar corporate communications company as a founding partner and owner. Handle all IT needs and run the website creation / maintenance / development division.

Work directly with clients to provide web based solutions to their problems and challenges. I am able to provide counsel due to my varied experience developing best of breed web solutions for the last 15 years.

Built mentored and managed a small team of web designers and developers as I ran nonfiction's web department.

Built relationships with external service providers in areas like design, development, social media management, website strategy, content distribution networks, search engine optimization and others.

Built systems to handle our infrastructure needs using tools like: Chef, Packer, Vagrant, Docker, Ansible, Serverspec, ChefSpec, FPM, APT, Capistrano and others.

Used Internet infrastructure providers like Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, Linode, Digital Ocean, Pivotal, Heroku and Joyent to build systems and platforms to deploy web services.

Built and maintained servers running Apache, nginx, MySQL, Redis, Solr, Docker, Gitlab, Passenger, Rsync, Varnish, ProFTPD, Postfix, Cyrus Imapd and many others.

Used languages and frameworks like Ruby (Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Padrino) and PHP (WordPress, Laravel, custom), HTML and CSS to build custom websites and web applications for client needs.

Helped my business partner to manage growth, cash flow, lead generation, client services, human resources and all other management functions for a 15 person company.